In Search of New Beginnings


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By Ellen Young Gomez HS '68

This is THE immigrant story book about the experiences of our pioneering alumnae when our lives all first started in this new world. It is the promise and the dawn of new beginnings. If you wish to have a copy, ask your local chapter president for details. 

I showed this book to both CHSians and non-CHSians alike and these are their 'awe and wonder' reactions:
"Such tantalizing tales of triumphs and success."
"Very moving, I cried."
"Terrific idea of putting together all these stories of your alumnae."
"Very well written stories."
"Impressed, wow!"
"A must read!"

'By Deanna Go Bio AB '58 BSC '59
"These stories chronicle our journeys from the familiar comfort of places and people we left behind to the great unknown where we embedded ourselves in the culture and mores of the new country. They tell of serendipitous opportunities to pursue higher education, brighter future, others to avoid political uncertainties, yet others to elude stifling social restrictions for high adventures. These stories tell of the courage, the will and the spirit of the pioneering woman who, henceforth, will be called 'our ancestor' by future generations in the new land."